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    Sentinel's innovative network management products help ensure you get the most from your IT infrastructure

Your IT is at the heart of your business.  If it fails, business stops. When it comes to making the decision as to which console or power management product to purchase, you are also choosing to entrust your business continuity with this supplier. In these situations, can you afford to place this trust with an unproven product, or untested supplier?

Sentinel has over fifteen year’s experience in power and console management. With products located in thousands of mission critical IT facilities, ranging from offshore oil and gas installations to global 24/7 rolling news providers, backed up with the highest Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) in the industry, our track record is second to none.

Our Products

Photo showing the front and rear of the DSM-40 Serial Console Server

Serial Console Servers

Resolve issues as they occur, wherever they happen. Fast response times, secure diagnosis and quick troubleshooting, even when the primary network has failed. 

Photo showing the front and rear of the CPM-800 Console and Power Manager

Console + Switched PDUs

Remotely manage and troubleshoot your branch office IT devices. Five invaluable network management tools in one compact unit. Preserve limited rack space and make valuable cost savings.

Photo showing the front and rear of the VMR-HD4D32-12B

High Amp Metered + Switched PDUs

Manage power to all your high amp blade servers and large switches. Protect the dual power redundancy architecture of all your critical IT hardware with just one high amp PDU.

Photo showing the front and rear of the NPS-8HD16-3

Switched PDUs

Perform a remote power reboot of non-responsive networking equipment around the clock, no matter where the problem occurs.  Reduce network downtime with an instant response and eliminate costly engineering call-outs. 

Photo showing the front and rear of the VMR-8HD16-3

Metered + Switched PDUs

Manage, monitor, report and control power in each of your racks.  Increase network uptime and improve efficiency. Complete power monitoring and control of all your networking equipment in one easy to use controller.

Photo showing the front and rear of the PTS-9CM20-2 ATS

Automatic Transfer Switches

Safe, reliable and easy power transfer for single corded devices.  Seamlessly switch from one power source to another to give all your single power input devices power source redundancy so that critical services are always up and running.

RACK ARMOR™ Server Protection

RACK ARMOR™ server protection is a physical security solution that secures and monitors server rack access at the cabinet level. With easy-to-use dynamic mapping and customizable reporting capabilities, RACK ARMOR server protection is the intelligent security system that tells you WHO accesses your server racks, WHERE, WHEN, and HOW LONG.