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Switched PDUs

 Instant Remote Reboot and Power Control

Photo showing the front and rear of the NPS-8HD16-3

NPS Switched PDUs

At a glance

Remote Power Reboot
Just point your browser to the IP address of the NPS Switched PDU, enter the secure user name and password and you can immediately reboot a locked up device. Return your network to operational status immediately without a costly and time consuming engineering call-out, maximising network uptime.

Power Control
Turn attached equipment on or off at scheduled times, for example, when staff have gone home and at weekends, saving energy costs.

Dual Power Inputs
The NPS has dual power input feeds, ensuring that there is no single point of failure to your dual power supply servers. This dual AC power bus architecture will provide power from two separate AC sources, maintaining the true redundancy of all your dual power supply equipment without the need for two remote power switches.

Temperature Monitoring
The NPS constantly monitors your remote rack temperature level with its integral sensor. If the temperature exceeds your pre-defined thresholds, the NPS will notify you immediately ensuring you can take action before high temperatures force a shutdown of your IT systems. The NPS can, if necessary, turn on external fans or air-conditioning to help bring rack temperature back to normal levels.


Features & Benefits

The NPS can be configured via SSH or SNMP, or locally via the serial console port. The user-friendly menus and commands allow you assign a location name, set system parameters and view outlet status. Outlets can be switched on, off, rebooted or set to user-defined default status using outlet numbers or names.

Once you've configured the unit, simply mount the unit in a standard 19" rack with the rack fixings provided, connect the power cable of your switches, routers, firewalls etc. directly to the power outlets of the NPS, Connect the power supply cables and you're ready to go. Now you can remotely power on, off or reboot any attached device from anywhere with a network or phone connection.

In addition to performing on-demand reboots and power switching, the NPS also includes an assortment of administrator-defined alarm features, which can be used to automatically reboot or switch outlets when high rack temperatures, open circuit breakers, power supply irregularities, unresponsive network elements and other important events and factors are detected. When any of these alarm functions are triggered, the NPS can also provide notification via email, SNMP trap or SYSLOG message. Each alarm includes a configuration menu that can be used to customize alarm triggers and response actions to fit the requirements of your specific application.

Access to the NPS command mode is password protected to prevent unauthorized users from invoking sensitive switching and configuration functions. Both the Web Browser Interface and Command Line Interface require the user to enter a password and username before allowing access.

The NPS also features four different levels of user accounts; Administrator Level, Super User Level, User Level and View Only Level. Administrators are allowed access to all configuration and operational commands. Super Users are allowed to direct switching commands to any outlet and can view configuration menus, but are not allowed to change configuration parameters. User accounts are allowed to invoke switching commands, but are limited to the switched outlets that are specifically defined for the user account. View Only level accounts are allowed to display NPS status screens, but are not allowed to invoke switching commands or configuration commands.

When temperature readings exceed user-defined critical values, the NPS can decrease the amount of heat being generated within the rack by temporarily shutting down non-essential devices; when readings return to acceptable levels, the NPS will restore power to these devices.

Product Range

NPS-8 Outlet Switched PDU

ProductDescriptionPart NumberQuote

NPS-8HS16-3 Network Power Switch PDU 16A 240V (8) IEC C13ST410100

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NPS-8HD16-3 Network Power Switch PDU Dual 16A 240V (8) IEC C13ST410200

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NPS-8H20-ATS-2 Network Power Switch PDU + ATS 20A 240V (8) IEC C13ST410300

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NPS-16 Outlet Switched PDU

ProductDescriptionPart NumberQuote

NPS-16HD16-3 Network Power Switch PDU Dual 16A 240V (16) IEC C13ST410400

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Technical Specifications

Power Control

  • On/Off/Reboot/Default/Load Shed Switching
  • Outlet Sequencing & Power Up Delays
  • Remote Individual or Group Outlet Switching
  • Scheduled Outlet On/Off/Reboot Switching
  • Ping Watchdog with Auto Reboot

Unit Access

  • In-Band (10/100Base-T Ethernet Port)
  • Out-of-Band (External Modem Ready)
  • Local (RJ45 RS232 SetUp Port)

Security & Authentication

  • SSHv2 Encryption
  • Embedded Validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module
  • HTTPS/SSL Secure Web
  • Port Specific Password Protection
  • Remote Authentication: LDAP/Kerberos/RADIUS/TACACS+
  • IP Address Filtering
  • Multi-Level Subscriber Directory

Unit Management

  • Compatible with SNMP-based Enterprise Management Utilities
  • Includes WMU Enterprise Management Software
  • CLI plus Web-Based GUI
  • SNMP Control, Monitoring and Configuration with Full MIB Support (Supports SNMP Versions 1, 2C and 3)
  • Multiple Concurrent SSH Sessions
  • SSL Web Browser

Event Monitoring / Logging / Alarming

  • Alarms via SNMP, email or SYSLOG Message
  • Audit log of all user access, login/out times and command actions
  • Alarming on Lost Communication, Invalid Access, Power Cycling, Lost Voltage, Circuit Breaker Open & Ping-No-Answer
  • Temperature Monitoring, Logging and Over-Temperature Alarming

Power Specifications

  • AC Inputs: Dual 16 Amp IEC C20 Input Feeds
  • AC Outputs:  8 or 16 IEC C13 Outlets


  • Operating Temp: 0° to 50° C (32 to 122° F)
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% RH


  • Dimensions (NPS 8 Outlet Models): 48.3cm x 22cm x 4.4cm (WxDxH)
    (NPS 16 Outlet Models): 8.3cm x 22cm x 8.9cm
  • Shipping Weight: (NPS 8 Outlet Models) 5Kg
    (NPS 16 Outlet Models) 6.36Kg
  • Approvals: UL, cUL, CE, FCC Class A
  • Warranty: 5 Year including free technical support

Product Information


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Product Solutions

Why choose Sentinel?

  • 5 Year warranty on all models at no extra cost
  • Free technical support for the lifetime of the product 
  • Next day delivery on all models
  • Designed, Engineered & Manufactured In House
  • Proven, Reliable Technology - 100,000+ Installations Worldwide 
  • 24 Hour Burn-In Prior to Shipping 
  • Highest MTBF in the Industry
  • Custom Firmware For Unique
  • Requirements 

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