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    Complex networking demands need straightforward product solutions. Get more from your IT infrastructure and keep it simple.

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    Sentinel has over 15 years' experience delivering robust IT infrastructure tools in the UK.

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    Innovation has always been at the heart of what we do. Our latest intelligent physical data security solution, Rack ArmorTM continues the trend.

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Sentinel has over fifteen years’ experience providing management tools for your IT infrastructure. With products located in thousands of mission critical IT facilities, ranging from offshore oil and as installations to global 24/7 global news providers, our track record is second to none.

  15 Years Track Record
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       for WTI and RACK ARMOR™

Data Centre Security

Data centre security is a hot topic. Organisations are scrambling to take cyber-steps to ensure that their user data is safe. But what about the data centres themselves?

Physical server racks contain a wealth of sensitive data, but are often an afterthought when it comes to data security. Too often, server racks are left unlocked or completely unmonitored. This makes these server racks vulnerable to costly data theft. RACK ARMOR™ solves that problem by giving you maximum control over your physical racks, including monitoring who opens your cabinet doors, tracking how long they were accessed, and allowing you to remotely lock or unlock a specific cabinet door in an instant, from your desktop.

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Networks Simplified

Choose from our comprehensive range of console and power management products



Serial Console Servers

Remotely manage and maintain your routers, switches, firewalls etc via the RS-232 serial console port, using your in-band IP network or out-of-band via  integral analogue or 4G cellular modem access.

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Console + Switched PDUs

Combine  console access, remote power reboot, automatic transfer switching, temperature monitoring and power reporting in one unit.

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High Amp PDUs

Comprehensive power control for high amp, enterprise class networking equipment. 


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Switched PDUs

Perform a remote power reboot of non-responsive networking equipment around the clock, no matter where the problem occurs.

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Metered/Switched PDUs

Manage, monitor, report and control power in each of your racks.  Complete power monitoring and control in one easy to use unit.

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Automatic Transfer Switches

Seamlessly switch from one power source to another to give all your single power input devices power source redundancy.

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RACK ARMOR™ Server Protection

RACK ARMOR™ server protection is a physical security solution that secures and monitors server rack access at the cabinet level. With easy-to-use dynamic mapping and customizable reporting capabilities, RACK ARMOR server protection is the intelligent security system that tells you WHO accesses your server racks, WHERE, WHEN, and HOW LONG.

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