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  • Branch Office Management

    Branch Office Management

    Consolidate five essential remote management functions into one compact 1U rack-mountable unit

Managing Branch Offices

Most larger companies have satellite offices either nationwide or internationally. Globalisation means that businesses are expanding as they try to reach out to customers worldwide.  Opening offices abroad allows companies to gain a local presence with employees who speak the local language.  As enterprises have become more decentralised and possibly international, some 80% of an organisation’s total number of employees may be located in remote locations, whether customer facing at branch offices, in retail outlets or at manufacturing facilities. Each office demands that their IT systems be always available and operate seamlessly with the head office, so the network performance of each remote office must be high.

Managing this hotchpotch of IT devices that are widely scattered is a real problem, which is often compounded by different offices employing different software and hardware products for their particular networking applications.  Factor in that these sites lack on-site dedicated IT staff to carry out routine maintenance or to deal with non-responsive hardware and any service outage will likely result in lost sales or assembly line downtime impacting on profitability.

The Challenges

According to research, organisations will have an average of 6.1 IT devices per branch office.  Managing assets such as routers, servers and firewalls is expensive and time consuming.  It is not practical to have dedicated IT personnel at each remote office so how do you extend IT support to all these dispersed sites?  

The obvious way would be to send out an engineer to site. However, this is expensive and time consuming especially if the branch office is located a large distance from the head office or is even abroad.  Even calling up a third party IT support company will take time and be expensive, so you need to find a solution that will allow you to get the branch office IT back on line quickly and cost effectively.

Rack space is likely limited too, so there is little additional space to install extra hardware for IT management.  Equally, it may be difficult to justify the purchase of separate solutions for each management function when these solutions have been designed for the enterprise network and not the smaller branch office environment.

Finally, branch office sites are likely to increase, so it needs to be relatively easy to extend IT support to new sites.  When a new office is added to the enterprise network, it may involve the reconfiguration of existing branch office IT.  This routine maintenance needs to be easy as your business grows.

The Solution

Sentinel’s unique Console + Power Manager (CPM) will allow you to consolidate five essential remote management functions into one compact 1U rack-mountable unit. Specifically designed for the remote office, it will provide the following benefits:

Fast Response to remote IT problems

  • The CPM provides a quick and simple way to access IT equipment wherever it is located, even when the network is down.

  • Access, manage and maintain your remote networking devices via their serial console port, across your IP network from your central office location. In the event of a network failure, access is still possible via the CPM’s integrated secure modem, ensuring you have complete control all of the time. Console port access allows easy re-configuring, rebooting, re-loading or upgrading of firmware at the BIOS level.

  • Allow an emergency remote reboot of a locked up device; server, router, firewall etc after an outage or failure to restore a backed-up configuration.

  • Give redundant power to any single power supply device so that the equipment is never compromised in the event of a power failure.

  • Notify IT staff if the rack temperature in a remote location went above a safe limit.

More Space in your Racks

  • Preserve limited rack space and make valuable cost savings by combining serial console access, remote power reboot, alarm monitoring, power monitoring and automatic power transfer switching in one simple unit.

  • Managing multiple devices in a remote office location using a single hybrid console and power manager results in lower equipment costs, fewer cables, and more space for expansion in the rack.

24/7 Support

  • Remote IT devices can be accessed in an emergency or for scheduled maintenance after hours and during weekend, whenever the need arises.

  • Do away with costly engineering visits

  • With the CPM, there is no need to send an engineer to site. You can return your network to operational status immediately without a costly and time consuming engineering call-out.

If you are being pulled this way and that, trying to resolve networking issues at your remote branch offices, don’t let yourself get too overstretched.  Take control of all your networking devices with our CPM, 5 in 1 branch office management solution.​​​​​​​

Diagram showing the CPM Console + Power Manager

Console + Power Manager

The Console + Power Manager provides network administrators with five invaluable network management tools in one compact rack-mountable unit.  Combine console access, remote power reboot, power metering, temperature monitoring and automatic power transfer switching into one innovative unit, preserving limited rack-space and making valuable cost savings too.

small-arrow.png Secure Console Access to all your Serial Console Ports for quick troubleshooting and essential maintenance 
small-arrow.png Control the power of all your remote IT devices and reboot locked up equipment instantly
small-arrow.png Automatic Power Switching from a Primary Power Source to a Secondary Supply  for Full Power Redundancy of all your single-corded devices
small-arrow.png Meter and Report Amps, Wattage, Voltage and Kilowatt/hours without any additional software package


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Photo showing the front and rear of the CPM-1600 Console and Power Manager