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Photo showing the front and rear of the VMR-HD4D32-12B

VMR-HD High Amp Metered + Switched PDU

At a glance

Uniquely Designed
The VMR-HD High Amp Metered + Switched PDU is specifically designed to provide comprehensive power management and control for high amp, enterprise class networking equipment such as Cisco Nexus C7000 Switches, HP 7000 Blade Servers, Cisco Catalyst 6500 LAN switches and Sun Blade 6000s. You can now protect the multi power supply architecture of all your critical IT hardware with just one power controller.

Power Supply Redundancy
The VMR-HD has dual 16 amp or dual/quad 32 amp power inputs, with (4), (8) or (12) C19 outlets. This multi power input architectures makes the VMR-HD ideal for managing high amp, multi power supply enterprise class networking equipment such as catalyst switches and blade server chassis, where multi power supply redundancy is an essential requirement. The latest VMR-HD4D32-8 can support a full 16 amp load on each of its (8) C19 outlets simultaneously.

Horizontal Design
It is not easy to install one, let alone two, switched PDUs into an already cramped rack cabinet. The depth of high end enterprise networking equipment chassis means that there is little or no space to mount a vertical PDU at the rear of a cabinet. The VMR-HD is horizontally rackmountable, ensuring that it will easily fit into your equipment rack when space is tight.

Complete Power Management
The VMR-HD High Amp Metered + Switched PDU gives you an unrivalled ability to manage, monitor, report and control power in each of your racks, wherever they are located. With its dual power input feeds for full power
redundancy, comprehensive reporting, power control including reboot, load shedding and scheduled on/off switching, temperature monitoring, event logging and proactive alarm notification, the VMR-HD is a complete power solution for all your power management needs.


Features & Benefits

The VMR High Amp Outlet Metered Switched PDUs are specifically designed to provide secure, remote power control,metering and reboot capabilities for high amp devices such as Cisco Catalyst 6500 LAN Switches, Cisco Nexus 7000 Data Center Switches and HP C7000 Blade Servers.

The dual power supply on the VMR protects the redundant power supply architecture of your larger dual powered servers. A dual power supply server can be supported across the dual bus architecture of the VMR so that you can maintain full redundancy without having to install two separate power switches.

The VMR-HD4D30 features four 32 Amp inputs, (8) eight individually metered and switched IEC C19 outlets and (8) eight 16 Amp UL-489 circuit breakers. Each circuit breaker protects one IEC C19 outlet and supports up to 16 Amps.

The VMR can generate alarms to provide you with an advanced warning of problems with your equipment such as lost voltage or high rack temperatures. Alarms can be sent by email, SNMP, SYSLOG or audibly. This will increase network availability by allowing you to proactively identify issues before they become critical.

When enabled, the unit will also ping IP addresses according to a set schedule and if the device fails to respond, you will be alerted.

The VMR will constantly monitor your remote rack temperature level with its integral temperature sensor. If the temperature exceeds your pre-defined thresholds, you will be notified and the VMR can, if necessary, turn on external fans or air-conditioning to help bring rack temperature back to normal levels.

Product Range

16 Amp Input Metered/Switched PDU

ProductDescriptionPart No.Quote

VMR-HD4D16 High Amp Metered/Switched PDU, Dual 16 Amp Inputs, (4) C19 Outlets


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32 Amp Input Metered/Switched PDU

ProductDescriptionPart No.Quote

VMR-HD4D32 High Amp Metered/Switched PDU, Dual 32 Amp Inputs, (4) C19 OutletsST510500

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VMR-HD4D32-8 High Amp Metered/Switched PDU, Quad 32 Amp Inputs, (8) C19 OutletsST510600

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VMR-HD4D32-12B High Amp Metered/Switched PDU, Dual 32 Amp Inputs, (12) C19 OutletsST510700

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Technical Specifications

Power Distribution

  • Dual Power 16 or 32 Amp Input Feeds
  • Unique Quad (4) 32 Amp Input Feeds (VMR-HD4D32-8 model)
  • Resettable Circuit Breaker Protection
  • Power Support from 16 amps to 64 amps total load per unit

Remote Power Control

  • Individual Outlet Switching
  • On/Off/Reboot/Default/Load Shedding
  • Outlet Sequencing & Power Up Delay
  • Scheduled On/Off/Reboot Switching
  • Device Watchdog Monitoring with Auto Reboot 

Power Monitoring/Reporting

  • Measure & Graph Power Consumption
  • Meter & Report Amps, Wattage, Voltage and
  • Graph Power Metrics live, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • True RMS Current Metering
  • Outlet*, Multi-Outlet and Total Device Metering
  • No additional Software Licences required.
    Power Data available via XML, CSV or ASCII
  • Cisco Energywise TM Compliant


  • Embedded Validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module
  • Multi-Level Subscriber Directory with Plug-Specific Password Protection
  • IP Address Filtering

Temeperature/Alarm Monitoring

  • Temperature Monitoring, Logging and Alarming with Integral Sensor
  • Alarming on Current or Rack temperature exceeded, Lost Communication, Failed Ping Command, Invalid Access Lock-out, Power Cycling, Lost Voltage and Buffer Threshold
  • Audit Log of all user access, login/out times and
    command actions

Unit Management

  • Compatible with SNMP-based Enterprise Management Utilities
  • CLI plus Web-Based GUI
  • Full MIB Support (Supports SNMP Versions 1, 2C and 3)
  • Multiple Concurrent SSH Sessions
  • SSL Web Browser
  • Compatible with WMU Enterprise Management Software

Power Specifications

  • AC Inputs: Dual 32 Amp IEC 60309 (Commando) Input Feeds
  • AC Outlets: 4 or 12  IEC-C19 Outlets


  • Operating Temp: 0° to 50° C (32 to 122° F)
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% RH


  • Dimensions: (4 Outlet Models) 48.3cm x 22.1cm x 4.4cm (WxDxH) 
    (12 Outlet Models) 48.3cm x 22.1cm x 8.9cm
  • Shipping Weight: (4 Outlet Models)5 to 11.3 Kg  
    (12 Outlet Models) 10.4 to 18.1 Kg
  • Approvals: UL, cUL, CE, FCC Class A
  • Warranty: 5 Year including free technical support

Product Information


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Product Solutions

Why choose Sentinel?

  • 5 Year warranty on all models at no extra cost
  • Free technical support for the lifetime of the product 
  • Next day delivery on all models
  • Designed, Engineered & Manufactured In House
  • Proven, Reliable Technology - 100,000+ Installations Worldwide 
  • 24 Hour Burn-In Prior to Shipping 
  • Highest MTBF in the Industry
  • Custom Firmware For Unique
  • Requirements 

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