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Photo showing the front and rear of the DSM-40 Serial Console Server

DSM Serial Console Servers

At a glance

Secure Console Access, Anytime
The DSM Serial Console Server will allow you to centrally access, manage and maintain your networking devices via their serial console port, using your IP network. In the event of a network failure, access is still possible via the DSM’s optional analogue or 4G LTE cellular modem.

Out-of-Band Management
The DSM Serial Console Server is available with an optional internal V.92 analogue or 4G LTE cellular modem, ensuring you always have emergency dial-up access to all your attached devices, even when the primary IP network is down. In the case of remote office locations, this option is absolutely indispensable as it removes the need for an engineering call-out to site.

Dual Power, Dual Ethernet Redundancy
If communication via the primary network is interrupted, a DSM specified with a Dual Ethernet option will allow it to make use of your backup secondary or maintenance network. This ensures you always have continuous access to attached devices. Likewise, optional dual power supplies on the DSM will allow connection to both a primary and a secondary power source allowing continuous console port access, even if the primary power source fails.

Easy Troubleshooting
Terminal servers have often been used as console servers but these only provide basic console access with no advanced features such as event monitoring, alarm notification and port buffering. Cisco access servers are still used as improvised console servers but they are also not a strategic long term solution. The DSM is specifically designed for console management and captures the critical moments preceding a server or networking crash. By buffering data at the individual serial port during non-connect periods, troubleshooting is made easy.


Features & Benefits

Comprehensive security and authentication features on the DSM prevent unauthorised access and ensure that the DSM Serial Console Server integrates seamlessly into your existing corporate security standards. Four levels of operational password are also available which makes the DSM ideal for co-location applications where users can be assigned access to specific ports only.

The DSM Serial Console Server monitors network equipment proactively and generates alarms via email, SNMP, SYSLOG or audibly. You are promptly notified when high temperature, invalid access attempts, communication loss to network equipment or other critical events are detected. When enabled, the DSM will also ping IP addresses or domains, according to a set schedule. If the pinged device fails to respond, an immediate alert is sent.

The DSM Serial Console Server captures and stores incoming data in separate serial port buffers, even during non-connect periods. The data is logged with individual time stamps which means troubleshooting is simplified when an issue arises.

The DSM Serial Console Server constantly monitors your rack temperature level with its integral temperature sensor. If the temperature exceeds your pre-defined thresholds, the DSM will notify you immediately, ensuring you can take action before high temperatures force a shutdown of your IT systems.

The DSM can be easily configured via SSH, SNMP, or locally via the serial console port. Easy to master, user-friendly menus and commands allow you to assign a location name and port names as well as set passwords and other system parameters. No separate management software is necessary as the DSM features it's own powerful built in Linux based web server.

  • 8, 24 and 40 Port Models
  • AC and DC Power Options
  • Single or Always On Failsafe Dual Power Options
  • Single or Dual Ethernet Options
  • Internal V.92 Analogue or 4G LTE Cellular Modem Options

Product Range

DSM-8 Serial Console Server 8 Port

ProductDescriptionPart No.Quote

DSM-8NM Serial Console Server, 8 Ports, Single 240VST220000

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DSM-8 Serial Console Server, 8 Ports, Single 240V, Internal ModemST220001

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DSM-8NM-E Serial Console Server, 8 Ports, Dual 240V, Dual GigEST220010

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DSM-8-E Serial Console Server, 8 Ports, Dual 240V, Dual GigE, Internal ModemST220011

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DSM-24 Serial Console Server 24 Port

ProductDescriptionPart No.Quote

DSM-24NM Serial Console Server, 24 Ports, Single 240VST230000

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DSM-24 Serial Console Server, 24 Ports, Single 240V, Internal ModemST230001

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DSM-24NM-E Serial Console Server, 24 Ports, Dual 240V, Dual GigE

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DSM-24-E Serial Console Server, 24 Ports, Dual 240V, Dual GigE, Internal Modem

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DSM-40 Serial Console Server 40 Port

ProductDescriptionPart No.Quote

DSM-40NM Serial Console Server, 40 Ports, Single 240VST240000

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DSM-40 Serial Console Server, 40 Ports, Single 240V, Internal ModemST240001

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DSM-40NM-E Serial Console Server, 40 Ports, Dual 240V, Dual GigEST240010

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DSM-40-E Serial Console Server, 40 Ports, Dual 240V, Dual GigE, Internal ModemST240011

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Technical Specifications

Serial Console Port Management

  • 8, 24 or 40 RS232 RJ45 Serial Ports
  • Break Command Blocking - Sun-Break Safe
  • SSH/Telnet/Raw Socket TCP Connection
  • SNMP Control, Monitoring and Configuration
  • Reverse Outbound SSH
  • Full MIB Support

In-Band/Out-of-Band Remote Access

  • Single or Dual In-Band Primary and Secondary 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet Port(s)
  • Out-of-Band Internal V.92 Modem with Dial-Back Security or 4G LTE Cellular Modem
  • Local Access (RJ45 RS232 Setup & USM Mini Set-up Ports)
  • Reverse/Outbound SSH

Security & Authentication

  • SSHv2 Encryption
  • Embedded Validated FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module
  • HTTPS/SSL Secure Web/TLS, SSHv2, SNMPv3
  • Port Specific Password Protection
  • IP Address Filtering
  • Multi-Level Subscriber Directory

Event Monitoring / Logging / Alarming

  • Alarms via SNMP, email or text message
  • Audit log of all user access, login/out times and command actions
  • Alarming on Lost Communication, Invalid Access, Power Cycling, Lost Voltage, Buffer Threshold & Ping-No-Answer External Device Check
  • Temperature Monitoring, Logging and Alarming with Integral Sensor
  • Time Stamp and Non-Connect Port Buffering -256Kb per port

Power Specifications

  • AC Input: 100-240 VAC,IEC 320 Inlet,50/60 Hz, 10 Watts Max.
  • DC Input: Terminal Strip (~6-32),-48V DC, 0.3 Amp Max.


  • Operating Temp: 0° to 50° C (32 to 122° F)
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% RH


  • Dimensions (All Models):
  • 48.3cm x 16.5cm x 4.4cm (WxDxH)
  • Shipping Weight: 3.6Kg
  • Approvals: UL, cUL, CE, FCC Class A
  • Warranty: 5 Year including free technical support

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Product Solutions

Why choose Sentinel?

  • 5 Year warranty on all models at no extra cost
  • Free technical support for the lifetime of the product 
  • Next day delivery 
  • Designed, Engineered & Manufactured In House
  • Proven, Reliable Technology - 100,000+ Installations Worldwide 
  • 24 Hour Burn-In Prior to Shipping 
  • Highest MTBF in the Industry
  • Custom Firmware For Unique Requirements 

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