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Photo showing the front and rear of the NPS-8H20-ATS-2

NPS-ATS Switched PDU + ATS Combo

At a glance

Remote Power Control/Reboot
Reboot locked up equipment instantly without the need for costly site visits. Optionally turn attached equipment on or off at scheduled times, for example, when staff have gone home and at weekends, saving energy costs.

Automatic Transfer Switching
Integrated automatic transfer switching from your primary power supply to a back-up or secondary supply will provide your single-corded devices with full redundancy ensuring they are always up and running even if your primary power source fails. Transfer to the secondary power source is instant and seamless, not affecting the attached device’s performance in any way.

Temperature Monitoring
The NPS-ATS constantly monitors your remote rack temperature level with its integral sensor. If the temperature exceeds your pre-defined thresholds, the NPS-ATS will notify you immediately ensuring you can take action before high temperatures force a shutdown of your IT systems. The NPS-ATS can, if necessary, turn on external fans or air-conditioning to help bring rack temperature back to normal levels.

Proactive Alarm Management
The alarm functions on the NPS-ATS will provide you with a range of tools to help you identify networking issues before they become critical. Comprehensive activity logs on the NPS create a record of all your power switching and monitoring activity and will help you identify issues before they become critical.

The NPS-ATS Network Power Switch is a remote power reboot switch which will allow you to maximise equipment
uptime whether your devices have single or dual power input feeds. For co-location providers, who offer a hardware reboot or automatic transfer switching to customers, installing the NPS-ATS will save valuable rackspace and costs. The NPS-ATS has outlet specific password protection so user access is limited to assigned switched outlets.


Features & Benefits

Transfer to a secondary power source is automatic and instant when the primary source fails. This ensures that a power failure will not affect the attached device’s performance in any way.

The NPS-ATS will monitor the primary power source and, as soon as power is restored to the primary input, the unit will switch back to the primary source from the secondary source.

The NPS-ATS can be configured via SSH or SNMP, or locally via the serial console port. A user-friendly GUI interface allows you to assign a location name, set system parameters and view outlet status. Outlets can be switched on, off, rebooted or set to user-defined default status.

Alarms are generated to provide you with an advanced warning of problems with your equipment such as lost voltage or high rack temperatures. Alarms can be sent by email, text message, SNMP, SYSLOG or audibly. An audit log on the unit also creates a record of all power monitoring, switching and reboot activity, helping to increase network availability by identifying issues before they become critical.

Remotely reboot any attached device and minimise network downtime. There is no need for costly and time consuming engineering support calls to remote offices.

The NPS-ATS is also available without the automatic transfer switch function should you wish to support dual power supply networking equipment exclusively. The NPS Network Power Switch (NPS-8 and NPS-16 models) itself has dual power supplies which protect the redundant power supply architecture of your larger dual powered servers, routers etc. Any dual power supply device can now be supported across the dual bus architecture of the NPS Network Power Switch in order that full redundancy is maintained without having to install two separate switched PDUs.

Product Range

NPS-ATS Switched PDU + ATS

ProductDescriptionPart NumberQuote

NPS-8H20-ATS-2 Network Power Switch PDU + ATS Dual 16A Inputs (8) IEC C13 OutletsST410300

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Technical Specifications

Remote Power Control

  • On/Off/Reboot/Default/Scheduled Switching
  • Outlet Sequencing & Power Up Delay
  • Individual or Group Outlet Switching
  • Device Watchdog Monitoring with Auto Reboot
  • User-Defined Power-Up Default Status & Outlet Status Retention

Automatic Transfer Switching

  • Seamless Automatic Power Switching
  • Continuous Source Monitoring
  • Robust Out-of-Phase Switching Capability
  • Typical Switching Time: 8 – 12 ms (16ms max.)

Security & Authentication

  • SSHv2 Encryption
  • HTTPS/SSL Secure Web
  • Port Specific Password Protection
  • Remote Authentication: LDAP/Kerberos/RADIUS/TACACS+
  • IP Address Filtering

Unit Management

  • Compatible with SNMP-based Enterprise Management
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) and Web-based Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • SNMP Control, Monitoring and Configuration with full MIB Support
  • Multiple Concurrent SSH sessions
  • SSL Web Browser
  • Cisco EnergywiseTM Compliant

Temeperature/Alarm Monitoring 

  • Temperature Monitoring, Logging and Alarming with Integral Sensor
  • Alarming on Current or Rack temperature exceeded, Lost Communication, Failed Ping Command, Invalid Access Lock-out, Power Cycling, Lost Voltage and Buffer Threshold
  • Audit Log of all user access, login/out times and
    command actions

Power Specifications

  • AC Inputs:
    Dual 16 Amp IEC C20 Input Feeds
  • AC Outlets:
    8 IEC C13 Outlets


  • Operating Temp: 0° to 50° C (32 to 122° F)
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% RH


  • Dimensions: 48.3cm x 22cm x 4.4cm (WxDxH)
  • Shipping Weight: 5Kg
  • Approvals: UL, cUL, CE, FCC Class A
  • Warranty: 5 Year including free technical support

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Why choose Sentinel?

  • 5 Year warranty on all models at no extra cost
  • Free technical support for the lifetime of the product 
  • Next day delivery on all models
  • Designed, Engineered & Manufactured In House
  • Proven, Reliable Technology - 100,000+ Installations Worldwide 
  • 24 Hour Burn-In Prior to Shipping 
  • Highest MTBF in the Industry
  • Custom Firmware For Unique
  • Requirements 

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