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    High Amp Power Control

    Comprehensive power management and for high amp, enterprise class networking equipment

Cisco Nexus Power Control

Deployment of Cisco Nexus switches has become more widespread recently.  Given their size, it is not easy to find a PDU that will provide power management and fit in an already cramped rack cabinet.  The depth of the chassis means that there is little or no space to mount a vertical PDU.  As there is minimal space at the rear of the rack, a horizontal managed PDU works best for your power management needs.  

Additionally, it is essential that the dual power supply architecture incorporated within the Cisco Nexus switch is not jeopardised by a single power input PDU.  Your managed PDU will itself need to have dual power inputs so that the dual power redundancy of the switch is maintained. If the PDU does not have dual inputs then you will have to install a second PDU in your already cramped cabinet to protect the power redundancy. This will add to your project costs, and cause more cabling headaches at the rear of the cabinet.  

Blade Server Power Control

Blade servers deliver mission critical applications within a single chassis.  As they place significant demands on your power and cooling resources in the data centre, managing them effectively is essential to their uptime.  A power management tool is required that allows you to control power to these devices whenever you need and understand how much power they are consuming.

Any solution will need to protect the power redundancy of the blade servers as this redundancy is essential for mission critical environments where downtime due to a power problem cannot be tolerated.  A PDU with a single power input will not support the power redundancy incorporated in the blade server architecture and will result in the need to install two PDUs.  Choosing a dual input PDU solution will protect the power redundancy of the server, save rack space and keep project costs lower.

The VMR high amp power controller is the perfect tool for managing and controlling power to blade servers such as HP C7000 and Sun Blade 6000. With dual inputs on the unit for full redundancy, power support of blade servers is made easy.

The VMR will not only allow you to remotely reboot and power down your blade servers, but it will also allow you to monitor their energy usage and report findings in text or graph format.  It is the perfect solution for data centre managers striving to reduce energy costs and unnecessary network downtime.

The VMR High Amp Power Controllers have been specifically designed to deliver a comprehensive power solution to your Cisco Nexus Switches.  The dual inputs on this horizontal power controller will protect your redundant power.  Installing only one horizontal unit will also allow for increased airflow in your rack, reduce cabling issues and save you money too!  

Diagram showing the VMR for Cisco Nexus Power Managment Diagram showing the VMR for Sun Blade Power Managment Diagram showing the VMR for Cisco Catalyst 6500 Power Managment Diagram showing the VMR for Juniper MX480 Power Managment

High Amp Power Controllers

The High Amp Power Controller gives you unrivalled ability to manage, monitor, report and control power in each of your racks, wherever they are located.  With remote power control and switching, power monitoring and alarming, and power logging and reporting, you have total power management of all your equipment whenever you require it.

small-arrow.png Full Power Control including rebooting, load shedding and on/off switching
small-arrow.png Comprehensive power management with alarm logging and notification
small-arrow.png Full Power Redundancy with dual power input feeds
small-arrow.png Meter and Report Amps, Wattage, Voltage and Kilowatt/hours without any additional software package


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Photo showing the front and rear of the VMR-HD4D32-8