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    Proven, reliable and affordable solutions that will help you do more for less

Are you having to manage more and more multi-vendor IT assets spread over many remote sites but with a decreasing budget? Are overworked personnel and demanding users just compounding the problem?

Our solutions will help you do more for less, without making life too complicated. Networks Simplified.

Computer networking is one of the most important aspects of any organisation; when your network fails, business grinds to a halt.  As companies demand more and more from their IT, network managers are faced with a host of issues that impact on efficient network delivery; from stringent service levels, shrinking budgets and limited or no IT personnel to a hotchpotch of IT equipment spread across many remote locations.

Take a look at our proven, reliable and affordable solutions that will help you do more for less, so that you can focus on what really matters; optimal  network performance for business continuity around the clock. 

Our Solutions

Data Centre Physical Security

Physical server racks contain a wealth of sensitive data, but are often an afterthought when it comes to data security. 

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Branch Office Management

Are you being pulled this way and that, trying to resolve networking issues at your remote branch offices? Don’t let yourself be overstretched.  Take control of all your networking devices easily.

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Dual Ethernet Console Access

Ensure critical network elements will still be accessible in the event that the primary network fails

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Out Of Band Management

When your network infrastructure fails, so do your networking management tools. Ensure you always have access to your IT, whatever the problem.

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Power Supply Redundancy

Are you working with entry level or legacy equipment which has only a single power supply. Give your devices power redundancy instantly.

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High Amp Power Control

Provide Power Managment to all your high end enterprise networking equipment such as Cisco Nexus switches and Blade Servers.

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Test Lab Applications

Any company has to stress test new software and hardware products before final release. Meet these precise and robust test cinditions effectively.

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Managing Remote IT

Managing a hotchpotch of IT devices scattered nationally or internationally is never simple. Especially if there is no IT personnel available. We make it easy.

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