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  • Test Lab Applications

    Test Lab Applications

Test Lab Scenarios

Development companies often have test labs to stress test new software and hardware products before final release. Labs are also used to evaluate new hardware and software for new integrated systems.  These labs will very likely need automated or code-driven power control to be able to stress test new products  

The VMR Metered + Switched PDUS are an ideal choice for your test lab applications that require precise and robust test conditions Highlights include:

  • Automated or Code Driven Power Control
  • Simple and Easy to Configure
  • Durable and Reliable with the highest MTBF in the industry
  • Easy Automation and Power Off Scheduling to minimise operational costs in your lab.
  • Tried and tested solution in some of the largest test labs worldwide.

Repetitive Power ON-OFF Testing via TcL Scripts:

The VMR Metered + Switched PDUS are often used in conjunction with TcL (Tool Command Language) scripts to automate repetitive power reboot testing procedures.  When network equipment manufacturers are in the process of developing new products, repetitive reboot testing will evaluate the longevity of power components and also check for equipment abnormalities which may occur in response to power cycling.

In a typical repetitive Power ON-OFF Testing application, a TcL script is used to trigger a VMR PDU in order to invoke multiple power reboot cycles.  A device undertaking testing may be subjected to thousands of power reboot cycles over several weeks or months.  As each power reboot cycle completes, any error messages and status reports generated by the tests are collected and stored.  This data can then be reviewed at a later date to make sure that the device gracefully recovers from each reboot.  This allows developers to perform regression testing on redesigned products and can also be used to verify the durability of power components and check for any issues during a reboot process.

Using TcL scripting in conjunction with a VMR PDU provides a simple and reliable method to invoke repeated reboot cycles without the need for constant operator involvement.  The TcL script drives the VMR to automatically power cycle the test device while error messages and status reports are collected.

Diagram showing the VMR Switched/Metered PDU in a Test Lab

VMR Metered/Switched PDUs

The VMR Metered/Switched PDU  gives you unrivalled ability to manage, monitor, report and control power in each of your racks, wherever they are located.  With remote power control and switching, power monitoring and alarming, and power logging and reporting, you have total power management of all your equipment whenever you require it.

small-arrow.png Full Power Control including rebooting, load shedding and on/off switching
small-arrow.png Comprehensive power management with alarm logging and notification
small-arrow.png Full Power Redundancy with dual power input feeds
small-arrow.png Meter and Report Amps, Wattage, Voltage and Kilowatt/hours without any additional software package


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Photo showing the front and rear of the VMR-16HD16-3