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  • Power Supply Redundancy

    Power Supply Redundancy

    Provide the benefits of dual redundant power to all your single-corded devices and enhance their uptime

Redundant Power Supply to Single Inlet Devices

One of the challenges of working with entry level or legacy network equipment is that sometimes devices only have a single power supply. This introduces a weakness into what might otherwise be a robust, highly available networking infrastructure. If your primary network power supply fails, it is vital that your network remains available.  Power supply redundancy ensures that vital network capabilities always have a continuous supply of power.

Most enterprise class high end IT devices incorporate dual power supplies to maintain a primary and a secondary redundant power source . But what about the older or entry level equipment in your racks that only has a single power input?

Replacing these single-corded devices can be both costly and time consuming, but without power redundancy, a simple power outage or generator failure can quickly bring your network services down.

The PTS Automatic Power Transfer Switch offers a simple, cost-effective solution to enhance the uptime of single corded devices by providing them with the benefit of redundant power. Simply connect your single power supply router, server, switch etc to our PTS automatic power transfer switch, connect the PTS to a primary and secondary power source, and you have instant power supply redundancy ... without replacing any of your single-corded equipment.


Diagram showing the NPS-ATS for Power redundancy and Automatic Transfer Switching

Automatic Transfer Switches

The PTS Automatic Transfer Switches are a reliable and cost effective way to provide single-corded (single power supply) network devices with dual power redundancy.  The units include dual AC inputs that connect to a primary power source and a secondary redundant power source.  If the primary source fails for any reason, the units will automatically and seamlessly transfer to the secondary source, so that your single-corded devices are always up and running. 

small-arrow.png Automatic Power Transfer Switching for all your Single Input IT devices
small-arrow.png Perfect Power Redundancy for all Single Corded devices 
small-arrow.png Transfer to the Secondary Power Source is Automatic and Instant
small-arrow.png Fast and Easy Installation


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Photo showing the front and rear of the PTS-9CM20-2 ATS